38. Sad
The Letter Sad
Sūrat Ṣād (Arabic: سورة ص‎, "The Letter Sad") is the 38th sura of the Qur'an with 88 ayat and 1 sajdah (39:24). Sad (ص) is the name of the eighteenth letter in the Arabic alphabet. According to the traditional Islamic narrative, Saad was sent to Muhammad by Allah while he was coping with rejection from his tribe, the Quraysh, and struggling to keep his own faith. It recounts stories of previous prophets, describes the splendors of heaven, and warns of the monstrosities of hell. The sura dates to the 2nd Meccan Period, meaning it was revealed only five or six years into the development of Islam.
Surah Sad (Arab: ص , "Ṣad") adalah surah ke-38 dalam al-Qur'an. Surah yang terdiri atas 88 ayat ini termasuk golongan surah Makkiyah dan diturunkan sesudah surah Al-Qamar. Dinamai dengan Sad karena surah ini dimulai dengan huruf Shaad.